What to Consider When Choosing Best Wireless Headphones for Running?

As a runner or undertaking jogging regularly, you understand how a pumped-up playlist helps in energizing your running and body workouts. Therefore, you need the best wireless headphones for running that are more convenient in terms of comfort, sound quality, price, fit, style, and model. The best wireless headphones should also work as a top-notch gear for you to play music clearly & unobtrusively and should be able to function well in puddles of ear sweat.

To make your running workout of fairly high-impact along with safest listening experience, you should take into account some helpful tips when choosing the perfect pair of running wireless headphones for you.

Choosing Best Wireless Headphones for Running

1. Be Familiar with the Ears

It is very basic and first step to find a pair of wireless headphones that are comfortable for your ears. So, be familiar with your ears. The volume of sound is determined in decibels.  The safe level hearing should not be exceeded. Upon exceeding that, safe level can turn into dangerous one which can further cause permanent hearing damage. There is a maximum safe hearing level, i.e. 85 decibels. A minimum of 5 minutes time period along with maximum volume headphones can turn up to a greater hearing loss. Therefore, it is essential tip to keep in mind to choose such a pair of wireless headphone which is fit to your ears and can produce a good quality sound even when it is turned down to very low volume to have the clear sense of hearing people speaking to you.

2. Safety Comes First Before Fun

While choosing best wireless headphones for running, safety should be the key concern rather than only fun. There is another risk of lowered sensory awareness along with hearing damage risk. Your protection depends greatly on the sense of hearing while running or jogging outside. This sensory awareness guides you throughout the day and helps in protecting from an angry dog or an oncoming automobile. On the other hand, if you put on a cupped style headphone, it will almost cut out the background noise completely and can turn the situation into potentially dangerous or an accident. Due to these dangerous risks, you should not choose cupped wireless headphones for running.

3. A Firm Fit and Sweat Proof Headphones

Choose a pair of wireless headphones that firmly fit for you and stay in position. Since unfitted headphones can lead to danger and painful chaffing. Also make sure that what amount of sweat your running headphones can endure. It would be wise decisive to consider sweat proof wireless headphones for your running workout so as to avoid injuries causing pain, bad effect on wear ability.

4. Choose One Best Based Upon Your Hobbyist

There are two factors that you should consider while selecting best wireless headphones. First, will you put on them on a daily basis? Second, will you be exceptionally active while putting them on your running. If you are one of them who are extremely active on regular running or workouts, it will be wise to choose hardy and best quality headphones. There are several designs, models, styles and sizes available for wireless headphones in the market such as Jabra BT620, Motorola Rork S9, Sennheiser RS 160, Sony DR-BT160, LG HBS-250 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, Altec Lansing BackBeat 906, Plantronics 906/R US BackBeat Headphones, JayBird SB1B Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones, Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Stereo Bluetooth Headset and many others.

You should choose the best one in terms of not falling apart mid-jogging. The “behind the ear” design works well with running and exercises as it offers a snug fit which is not even bulky. The other design “Sports ear bud headphones” also works perfectly as they stay put and provide with the best solution for sound control under safe hearing level of 85 decibels and below it. Along such design of headphones, you can also wear a hat while doing outdoor workout or running activity.

5. Purchase after Sufficient Research

Don’t purchase a pair of wireless running headphones by just reading the work “Running Headphones”. Make sure to do some research in advance before placing an order. Make an online research as there are thousands of websites offering such headphones. Check out the testimonials on such sites and also go to the consumer and your fellow athletes or runner to see what they are saying about those headphones. It will give you a chance to know about dud types of headphones from previous consumers. The color of the pair of headphones is another important factor that you should also consider. Make sure to spend the amount of money on headphones for running based on how much you will actively or regularly use them. For a serious active user, it will be wise decision to invest in the best pair of running wireless headphones.

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