User rating
Pros: The Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset has excellent battery life. When not in use, it can last up for a few days on standby. It also produces high audio quality when connected to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. It is excellent in syncing with a PC or laptop and in any softphone clients such as Skype.
Cons: While the Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset delivers exceptional audio quality, the device does not come with noise cancellation technology. It might capture noise from time to time, depending on which soft phone client you use or your location.

Jabra SUPREME UC MS Bluetooth HeadsetThe Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset features new wireless technology as it relies on Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity. With the Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset, you can experience talk range of about 33 feet. It is suitable with any mobile device, and can be synced with Skype or Microsoft Lync to connect with family and friends.

Product Overview

Mobile and Internet calls are no longer a problem with the new Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset. The headset is designed to produce outstanding sound and stability so you can get connected with anyone even when you are at home, at the office, or on the road. As long as your mobile device has Bluetooth capability, the Jabra SUPREME UC MSHeadset can make and/or take calls from your computer through Skype or other softphone clients.

The Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset has a plug & play connectivity through the Bluetooth USB adaptor, which enables the user to connect to the computer and create calls fast. The design of this headset also enables the user to experience easy handling and storage. It has a flip-boom arm that helps produce high audio quality. The arm helps you switch ON the device by simply unfolding it, or switch it OFF by folding it up. The headset neat folds and fits to pocket size when not in use. When using the Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset, the microphone is placed near the mouth in a comfortable fashion.

Key Features of the Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset

  • It is lightweight at 1.6 ounces. It allows easy storage with at 5.8 inches long and 5.2 inches wide.
  • It enables excellent connectivity via Bluetooth.
  • It has a talk range of about 33 feet.
  • This headset has a flip-boom arm that switches the device ON and OFF by unfolding and folding it accordingly.

Customer Reviews

Customers regret the lack of noise cancellation technology of this headset. Other than this missing feature, most customers agreed that the Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset provides top performance in terms of Bluetooth technology.


The Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset is indeed a Bluetooth headset that is worth every penny. It has a long talk range feature, a long-lasting battery life, and a stable connectivity through wireless technology. All in all, I recommend Jabra SUPREME UC MS Headset for those who are always on the go and love to use Skype.