User rating
Pros: The BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset definitely takes calls to higher dimensions with the latest Bluetooth silicon for seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere. This device is definitely recommended for iPhone users because it enables instant access to Siri, Google Voice Actions, and other apps for faster and easier communication.
Cons: Some users experienced glitches on how the BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset would read their text messages. Others said that it would not connect to some devices such as Kindle. Nonetheless, other customers said the earpiece delivered excellent quality while connected to their preferred mobile device.

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset2Too many things to do at work? No need to worry about your incoming calls. The BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset has Incoming Call Notification and Voice Answer technology that enables you to capture all the incoming calls and answer them in a timely manner.

Product Overview

The BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset claims to be “the most technologically advanced” mobile headset today, and it`s indeed a good candidate for this title. It has Bluetooth silicon that produces call clarity like you`ve never experienced before. The audio quality that the BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset delivers actually creates conversations as though the user is talking face-to-face with the person on the other line. This is because the device feature doubled bandwidth between the earpiece and the phone to which it is connected.

The BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset features dual microphones and customer-tuned speaker driver for maximum audio quality and outstanding call performance. The device is also able to cancel echoes and reduce noise thanks to its Wind Armour Technology. If you need to talk to more than one person, the earpiece enables conference mode for family or business conference calls. Also, the device boasts its Voice Answer, Voice Dial, and Incoming Call Notification so you can operate it safely and go hands-free while driving. For iPhone users, the BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset provides instant access to Siri by means of making a double tap on the command button of the earpiece.

Key Features of the BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

  • It is pocket-size with dimensions of 2.2 x 1.1. x 0.6 inches, allowing easy storage and handling.
  • It has Wind Armour Technology that cancels echoes and reduces noise.
  • It provides high audio quality with double bandwidth between the earpiece and the phone.
  • Its ear-fitting design makes it very comfortable to use.

Customer Reviews

Customers loved the device for its long battery life, which makes it last for days on standby. They say that it is very comfortable to use. They also liked how the device is able to announce the caller by name, and enables them to answer the call on a totally hands-free operation.


The BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset is truly a remarkable Bluetooth device that is able to bring the highest fidelity of sounds to your calls. It is recommended for extremely busy people, and those who are always taking conference calls.