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Blueant Q2 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset

Going hands-free has never been this good with the innovative design of Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset. The device features excellent voice control technology that helps provide high audio quality and seamless connection when making or taking calls. It also has Text to Speech feature that allows you

BlueAnt Q3 Premium Bluetooth Headset

Too many things to do at work? No need to worry about your incoming calls. The Bluetooth Headset has Incoming Call Notification and Voice Answer technology that enables you to capture all the incoming calls and answer them in a timely manner. Product Overview The Bluetooth Headset

ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Small and lightweight, the Bluetooth Headset is a headset powered by Bluetooth that enables up to 4 hours of talk time at a range of up to 33 feet. The ERA by Jawbone Bluetooth Headset is designed to work on all mobile devices, enabling you to communicate

Jabra SUPREME UC MS Bluetooth Headset

The  Headset features new wireless technology as it relies on Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity. With the Headset, you can experience talk range of about 33 feet. It is suitable with any mobile device, and can be synced with Skype or Microsoft Lync to connect with family

Jawbone ICON HD + THE NERD Bluetooth Headset

Connection to any mobile device is now made possible thanks to the Bluetooth Headset. It has the dual power of Bluetooth headset and USB audio adapter – a combo that will surely take your wireless communication to the next level. The Bluetooth Headset enables the user to